Corporate social responsibility

All (semi) governmental organizations are obligated to set up both the organisation and the processes in a socially responsible way. The Datawatt products and systems are designed to support infrastructural processes for (semi) governmental organizations . It is our aim to do everything within our power to make our processes and products transparent and socially responsible. We want to be a reliable partner for flexible solutions.

Our solutions enable companies to make decisions based on actual verified data. Our solutions not only helps with better planning and maintenance, but also provides insight into data to make better CSR choices so the process can be more profitable.

3P (Planet Profit People) policy

Within all our processes, we balance between economic (profit), ecological (planet) and social (people) factors. We strive for sustainability in every step of the business process. In every business decision we make, we weigh up the various stakeholder interests and try to do the right thing. We realise transparency is crucial in this process, therefor our vision is that we want to be a transparent company.


Within our quality, safety and VCA** procedures, we put a lot of effort in environmental care, safety and sustainability. Our company policy focuses on a sensible and responsible use of resources in which the employee have an important and determining role to play.

We work in accordance with established and tested safety and environmental rules and regulations and put a lot of effort in informing our employees on the latest insights. Through our purchasing procedures, we can demonstrate that all our hardware meets relevant CSR requirements, as defined by our trade association FME.

All our products are produced in the Netherlands by reputable and controlled companies where working conditions are properly regulated. International human rights are in no way compromised. We completely rule out child labor and discrimination of any kind in connection with our products and systems.

In terms of logistics, we are careful with shipping and packaging materials. The material is recyclable or reusable as much as possible. We do not use unnecessary plastic packaging but prefer to use natural recyclable raw materials. Where possible, we cluster orders and/or shipments so that savings can be made on all fronts.

Supply channel

Our distribution channel is regularly inspected, looking at cost efficiency, lead times and delivery times. These requirements are controlled in Key Perfomance Indicators (KPIs) and are discussed monthly in the management meeting.

We have an Environmental Risk Analysis (MRA) and we have insight into all waste streams. Materials are structurally separated and disposed of in a controlled manner. There are separate facilities for old and/or returned equipment. Old equipment can be returned to us in accordance with the 2002/95/EC Directive on substances and the 2002/96/EC WEEE Directive.

Our product line portfolio is developed to be energy-efficient and can be powered by daylight panel power supplies as well as by mains power. Our products are extensively tested before release. We have our own test environment and experience with EMC testing up to class 4.

More information

Since our establishment in 1977, we have always opted for upcycling and for the smartest solutions, both for products and for business processes. For more information please contact us.

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