Written by Johan van der Veen on 25 June 2019


The DSG is now also available as a retrofit for replacement of the D05-RTU. The D05 series uses the CPU02 processor module and a lot of components are no longer available. That is why our engineers have designed a new processor module. We now deliver this as D05-DSG retrofit.

The advantage of the D05-DSG retrofit is that no adjustments are needed in the installation cabinet, because the housing is the same. This makes an easy update of the installation possible. The existing D05-I/O modules can also be connected to the D05-DSG. In addition, two Ethernet ports are available after the retrofit.

The only adjustments needed is the modification of the Codesys program and the configuration of the RTU. After the retrofit, your installation meets all modern requirements in terms of technology and cyber security.

Flexibility & maximum security

The two important principles of the design are; flexibility and maximum security. The flexibility is expressed in the housing and in the fact that the D05-DSG can be applied in all existing Datawatt telemetry platforms. With this design, the possibilities are endless, also for modern Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

“The DSG series are developed based on Linux, a modern open source platform known for its reliability, stability and security. The programming language is C # from Microsoft .NET to structure programs and keep them organized”, according to system designer Alberto Spin. The DSG uses the most modern communication protocols such as the 4G / LTE network.


Security is important in the distribution of energy, water and in industrial processes. We have implemented industry-specific requirements and security standards accordance ENCS-RTU-DA. The development is based on “security by design”.


The real-time IEC104, COAP, and the Modbus protocol are implemented and other protocols are available upon request. New protocol implementations can easily be realized because of our choice for Linux and C #.

PLC programming

The PLC programs are the latest standard from Codesys based on the IEC61131-3 standard. This standard is for industrial control programs that is used by many national and international organizations and companies.

We are happy to inform you about the various other benefits that the D05-DSG offers you.

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