Written by Roy Gerding on 16 July 2018

The development of Internet of Things (IoT) offers new opportunities for gathering more affordable data from the network. However, IoT developments are growing so fast and this only continues to grow.

The technology becomes faster, better and cheaper

Not all IoT-solutions are suitable for monitoring infrastructural networks. With more than forty years of experience in data collection and M2M communication, the step for us to use IoT-solutions is small.

With IoT-solutions, data collection becomes cheaper. But especially in infrastructural networks this must be safe, reliably, flexibly and sustainable. Our team likes to work and contribute to the use of innovative IoT-solutions.


Our project engineers like to work on innovative solutions and offer you the best solution. An IoT-solution consists of three parts; sensors that collect data, software that gives the data meaning and presents it, the last part is the communication. Both between sensors and software, and between the system and the user. By adding (PLC) functions and setting alarms and set points, so-called smart grids are created.

We can ad value on all these different parts. We can take care of the entire project or just a specific part. Especially security issues for infrastructural networks is our expertise. We have a special team of project engineers continuously working on security aspects in our working field.


An IoT-solution consists of three different parts, sensors, software and communication.

We offer complete solutions, also with equipment from third parties. Moreover, we provide an independent advice on all various components and connectivity. Furthermore we ensure the delivery of all relevant data in the right system and format. Above all; we take our role as partner serious and like to think and work with you during the whole project.

By using IoT-solutions, processes can be made more efficient and cheaper (or more economic) and sustainable.

Our vision on IoT solutions

There are many communication options for IoT-solutions. Different low power wide area (LPWA) networks are being developed, such as NB-IoT, (Narrow Band), LoRa (Long Range), Sigfox or LTE-M / eMTC (CAT-M) technology and thew 5G network is coming. The availability and power of wireless connections is greater than ever. The technology becomes faster, better and cheaper, the speed of data traffic increases and the costs fall.

We know the different opportunities and suppliers in the market and can advise you independent in the complying network for your project. We have information about coverage, speed and signal strength. This also applies for the used sensors. We have knowledge of different sensors and suppliers.

IoT-solutions, IoT

We advise independent for the best complying network

Our mission is to process your data reliably and safely and to ensure that it arrives at the right place.

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