Written by Roy Gerding on 01 December 2016

We are continuously working on our product portfolio. At his moment we work on new developments.  A successor of the famous D05 RTU is in progress and we have released an Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

Product portfolio

In the past years, we have developed many different models substations and RTUs. This inevitably leads to changes in our product portfolio. At this moment our engineers work on the successor of the D05 RTU and substation. Besides, we are working on new solutions with the use of the IoT -network.

The IoT-communication network reduces communication costs considerably. It also creates new possibilities for telemetry networks with no power or insufficient GSM coverage. We will be happy to tell you more about it.

Product portflio

The IoT-solution can be delivered in different housings


End of life for some D01 modules

New developments lead to new product ranges. Unfortunately we cannot continue to provide for all product ranges. Their for we can no longer supply a number of modules of the D01 platform. If possible, we keep providing for service, repair and support for all these D01 modules.

Product portfolio

D01 modules in the network


To replace the D01 modules, we will be pleased to offer an alternative. Please contact us for more information or an appointment. We are happy to discuss all possibilities with you.


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