Energy across borders

Written by Etienne Hilgen on 19 August 2021

The European Commission has announced plans to finance a cross-border energy infrastructure by 2050 to support its goals for climate neutrality. But, achieving this will necessitate a significant scale-up of Europe’s infrastructure. Here, Etienne Hilgen, at Ovarro, explains why the right choice of telemetry unit, software, SCADA and simulation systems will be crucial to maintaining this infrastructure. The cross-border energy... Read more

Coteq works om medium voltage (MV) network for remote control

Written by Johan van der Veen on 05 February 2019

Datawatt supplies Distribution automation (DA) stations With remote control, power failures can be solved more quickly. Previously, in the event of a power failure, a technician was sent out to the transformer MV stations in the affected area to find the problem. A time-consuming job. Moreover, in the case of such failures many households are affected, while the problem is only at one or two MV transformer stations. Distribution Automation... Read more

Control cabinet and webscada for Ecovat

Written by Roy Gerding on 06 November 2018

Datawatt has a lot of knowledge and experience in the energy market, which is why Ecovat has asked us as a partner to think and work on a project for thermal energy storage. Thermal energy is simply explained "stored heat" For this project we have developed the control cabinet for the control system and delivered Stream webscada for the presentation and control of the process. An overview of the process for storage of thermal... Read more

Secure smart grid solutions

Written by Johan van der Veen on 01 October 2018

We closely follow developments for secure smart grid solutions. For example Internet or Thing (IoT) solutions, security requirements, open software, new protocols and new communication media with much lower communication costs so that much more data becomes available. All these developments influence our total solutions an we want to offer the best solution possible. Our vision In the current changing markets, we opt for a role as partner... Read more

Datawatt member of Gridstor

Written by Etienne Hilgen on 04 May 2017

Renewable energy is the transition from fossil fuels to biogas, solar and wind energy. The innovations that are involved relate to energy savings, energy storage and energy management. Because Datawatt wants to play an important role in this market, we support various forms of energy storage and energy exchange. Gridstor is an organisation founded by DNV GL to support all stakeholders for sustainable and secure energy. Datawatt joined... Read more

Optimizing powergrids

Written by Roy Gerding on 03 May 2017

Joint forces The companies Datawatt, Current Future and EnergyForce have joined their forces to deliver new solutions in the energy market. Especially in the field of optimizing powergrids for the distribution of the low and medium voltage energy networks. Deutsche Gründlichkeit The unique solutions are based om the knowledge, expertise and experience from the German low and medium voltage energy networks. The expertise comes from Horstmann... Read more