Application of advanced ICS systems such as scada telemetry, monitoring and automation are complex. Not only because of the integrated structure, but also because of the field engineering. and moreover, because of the high demands on functionality and reliability. From single component up to the entire system; sensor, external devices, communication, field installation up to the host system. Customers such as industry and governments will benefit if state of the art technology and consultancy is provided for an optimal performance of the proces and the use of new equipment and systems.

Datawatt Consultancy offers services that contribute to the successful realisation of these projects.


Datawatt is pre-eminently capable to design industrial automation systems with telemetry or to consult these projects. Datawatt consultants have a wide experience, which is not only based on theory. They have a lot of project experience and are used to work hands-on. A lot of experience is build in the area of protocols and all sorts of equipment as third party substations, PLC’s, flow computing and other measuring equipment. For more complex issues Datawatt Consultancy will involve its own specialists, but also external companies or universities can be involved.


Markets: water, energy and related markets.
Technology: telemetry, scada, data-acquisition, automation, sensors, measuring, monitoring, data communications, protocols, M2M, host systems, switchboards, elektro-mechanical engineering.
Services: functional design, standardisation, procurement, technology adaptation, vendor selection, interim management, business development.

For more information contact Jan Wubs.