Written by Etienne Hilgen on 04 May 2017

Renewable energy is the transition from fossil fuels to biogas, solar and wind energy. The innovations that are involved relate to energy savings, energy storage and energy management. Because Datawatt wants to play an important role in this market, we support various forms of energy storage and energy exchange.

Gridstor is an organisation founded by DNV GL to support all stakeholders for sustainable and secure energy. Datawatt joined Gridstor and is also a member of the “Steering Committee”.


Energy storage

Solutions in the energy transition relate to energy storage and the smart use of energy. There are many parties involved in (battery) storage systems. All have their own expertise. For example more and more containers filled with batteries are used as flexible mini-power stations. Our solutions help monitoring the battery storage systems and implement energy management systems.


What does Gridstor do?

Gridstor is founded to bring parties together who relate to issues on energy storage. The organisation advises both suppliers and users. The Steering Committee works on guidelines, parameters and assumptions for issues arising the energy transition. Besides our membership we also have a seat in the steering committee. This committee works on so-called Recommended Practices (RPs). For example about defining life-cycle expectations, energy storage parameters, the development of technologies or services for frequency enforcement, emergency services or peak shaving compared to alternative technologies.


Solution provider

With our membership, we give substance to our philosophy of an innovative tailor- made solution provider. The innovations in the energy transition offer challenges in which our solutions can be of value. Our solutions are used for management, distribution and monitoring of complex processes and networks. We are proud to use our expertise for the benefit of the energy transition. We do this by sharing our expertise.

Best practices

Fast-charging stations

Our solutions for example optimize fast-charging stations for cars. To use renewable energy often solar panels are used. Unfortunately solar panels do not provide constant energy. Furthermore the standard cables are too small to charge three cars simultaneously. The standard solution would be more power and thicker cables. This results immediately in higher costs and more power consumption. Therefor a container fitted with used batteries is placed at the site. The batteries are charged with solar panels and if necessary with power from the standard grid. Our solutions monitor continuously the energy management of the batteries and provides a smart energy management. The data from the network is presented in our webscada system Stream. Through the innovation of energy storage and the smart energy management, great savings are realized helping to implement renewable energy at efficient use.

Imbalance Market

An other examples of the use of our solutions are found in the energy imbalance market. Since more and more electricity comes from solar and wind energy, the production of power is often unequal to its consumption. In order to keep the energy net function properly, it is important to maintain this balance. Because energy prices vary from hour to hour, it pays off to use an energy management system. Our solutions help saving energy and managing price differences. In this process, reliable data and control is of crucial importance. Our solutions offer many standard features that measure and control relevant data.

We have committed ourselves to Gridstor because we are proud to use our expertise for developing new innovations in order to boost the energy transition.

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