Written by Roy Gerding on 03 May 2017

Joint forces

The companies Datawatt, Current Future and EnergyForce have joined their forces to deliver new solutions in the energy market. Especially in the field of optimizing powergrids for the distribution of the low and medium voltage energy networks.

Deutsche Gründlichkeit

The unique solutions are based om the knowledge, expertise and experience from the German low and medium voltage energy networks. The expertise comes from Horstmann & Schwarz & Co. KG, Elatec Power Distribution and Kautz Starkestrom-Anlagen GmbH. These well-known companies deliver reliable and specialized systems for the German energy market. For the low voltage distribution substations, (mobile) transformer stations, medium voltage switches and medium voltage systems up to kV / 4000A are available. These products added with the knowledge and skills of the three Dutch companies ensure that reliable and complete customer based solutions are available for the energy market. The solutions are designed to optimize the current power grids.

Optimizing powergrids

A select delegation of companies have been invited to see the solutions work at site locations in Germany.  Network companies like Joulz, Stedin, Alliander, Zown, Enexis, Rendo and Cogas, together with engineering companies as Scholt Energy, Van Gelder, Engie, Spie, Fudura, Leertouwer and VSH were part of this delegation.

“Seeing the solutions and meet the engineers and developers personally is important.” It takes care of recognition and an better look at practice. The participants responded enthusiastically “the trip is certainly a success,” according to Van Zundert from Current Future.

Datawatt has a lot of knowledge and experience in the Dutch energy market. Strategic partner EnergyForce developed the Stream web interface and Current Future represents the German companies. Together, these three companies make a strong combination in the energy market.

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Optimizing powergrids