Written by Johan van der Veen on 01 October 2018

We closely follow developments for secure smart grid solutions. For example Internet or Thing (IoT) solutions, security requirements, open software, new protocols and new communication media with much lower communication costs so that much more data becomes available. All these developments influence our total solutions an we want to offer the best solution possible.

Secure smart grid solutions

Our vision

In the current changing markets, we opt for a role as partner and supplier of tailor-made applications. We do this with our reliable solutions, consisting of our own hardware and software and a flexible layer around it. Together with smart configurations and third-party equipment we can engineer complete tailor-made applications. We ensure the optimal integration of all system components.

Secure smart grid solutions

To make our hardware future-proof, we have developed a new platform. The Datawatt Smart Grid (DSG) series. A team of our top engineers have developed a new platform in close consultation with the market. The new platform meets all modern technical and security requirements.


DSG-serie, Secure smart grid solutions

The DSG in energy housing

With the development of the DSG series we have a new secure hardware platform for secure smart grid solutions. Together with our best engineers we have developed a new platform in close consultation with the market. The design meets all modern technical and security requirements and is flexible in many ways.

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“The DSG is certainly not an upgrade of the D05 or the D26 series. But of course we have used our development and user experience with these platforms. Our systems have been functioning reliable and trouble free for more than forty years in critical processes for the distribution of energy.¬†During the development period we listened and talked to our customers, suppliers and visited various international trade-fairs.”

Secure smart grid solutions

The DSG CPU is developed on Linux, a modern open source platform known for its reliability, stability and security. The programming language is C # from Microsoft .NET to structure programs and keep them organized.


Due to the social relevance of the processes in which our solutions function, security is always on the agenda. Besides security is a subject to advancing insights. In the DSG security aspects are based on the ENCS Distribution Automation requirements, as used in the energy world. The philosophy of the DSG series is “security by design”.


The design is so flexible that different protocols are possible. The well-known real-time IEC104 protocol, as well as the secure version is present. As well as the industrial Modbus standard and the COAP protocol. Other protocols can be applied on request.

PLC programming

The PLC environment is build on the latest standard of Codesys based on the IEC61131-3 standard. This is the standard for industrial control programming. A world standard that many people and companies are familiar with.

Secure smart grid solutions

The DSG is developed as a world wide standard

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Personally I’m very enthusiastic about is the flexibility of the housing. “The DSG fits into our existing housings. With this feature we offer our customers a big advantage. With a retrofit, our customers are able to upgrade their monitoring and controlling system without major investments in the infrastructure of the housings. Without major investments in the installation our customers can upgrade their installation and be ready for the future.”

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