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Energy market

The energy market changes rapidly. Due to a.o. solar power, wind energy and biogas. The Dutch electricity grids are however among the most reliable in the world. Advanced automated monitoring systems take care of reliable networks. We are active in the field of smart grids, durable energy and systems to save energy costs.

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Water market

Transport of wastewater, clean drinking water and the quality of our surface water all seem so common. Advanced automation systems ensure that everything works properly, without being noticed. Datawatt is a reliable partner for drinking water plants, municipalities and water boards already for many years

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Industry market

Infrastructural networks support and control often the primary process. Data from the process optimises this proces and takes care of more effective organisations, better for people, planet and profit. Datawatt is a solid partner for controlling processes or for simultaneous readout of EVHIs or other relevant data. Secure and smart.

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International market

Based on our knowledge and experience we also deliver important projects in Europe and overseas. Datawatt has a lot experience and partners all over the world to deliver projects. Our solutions are always reliable, flexible and professional.

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Products of Datawatt

Datawatt supplies and supports a wide range of intelligent Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), communication protocols and central software solutions. Combined with third party equipment and secure implementation makes us a solid partner with flexibele solutions.

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Services of Datawatt

Continuity of our solutions is of vital importance, therefor services are an important part of our company policy. Because of our expertise we are able to offer professional services such as engineering, consultancy, support, education, project management and secure solutions.

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Datawatt schrijft over

De water-, energie-, industrie-, of buitenlandse markt of nieuwe product ontwikkelingen

Datawatt wins AMR Tender Vitens

Every day, Vitens supplies 5.6 million customers with drinking water that meets the highest quality. All drinking water is from Dutch groundwater. The distribution network is approximately 49,500 kilometers and supplies 352 million cubic meters of drinking water per year. Monitoring and controlling drinking water distribution Business customers have a significant share in the turnover of Vitens. The top 1000 largest business customers have... Read more

DSG-series delivered as retrofit for D05

D05-DSG The DSG is now also available as a retrofit for replacement of the D05-RTU. The D05 series uses the CPU02 processor module and a lot of components are no longer available. That is why our engineers have designed a new processor module. We now deliver this as D05-DSG retrofit. The advantage of the D05-DSG retrofit is that no adjustments are needed in the installation cabinet, because the housing is the same. This makes an easy... Read more
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