IoT- solutions

The pressure of the government on innovation, sustainable applications and transparency is increasing. Social responsibility, care for our environment and new technologies lead to more and better process optimization.

Smart and innovative

With our experience in M2M communication, our knowledge of communication networks and data-acquisition, we can easily implement Internet of Things (IoT) communication networks in our solutions. Our team likes to think and work on innovative solutions.


Our reliable reputation obligates us to be extra careful with new hypes in innovations. However it is important to stimulate developments and to experience how projects can be made more sustainable and cheaper. Our customers expect reliable solutions, even when we are applying IoT. It is our goal to only deliver what works.

Smart solutions

In a smart world, actions are mainly carried out based on measurements. Data from measurements are followed by relevant actions. For Datawatt smart solutions means more than producing large amounts of data. We help gathering, sending and interpretation of data and connect it to relevant actions. In this way we provide smart solutions.

Open approach

In our innovations we consciously opt for an open approach. This fits not only with our company philosophy, but it also complies to modern policies from the government for more independent technical solutions with no vendor lock-ins or hidden costs.

Datawatt stands for open, reliable and flexible solutions

IoT- solutions start with assembling data from the network. Therefore smart sensors are necessary. The data from the sensors has to be send with the most suitable communication network and after that the data must be processed and presented in the most optimal way. Reliable and flexible.

Our goal is to offer complete solutions, even when third party equipment is necessary for the most optimal solution. We take care of the integration of the data into your business system or organization.  Our mission is to ensure that reliable data is used to optimize your process and to realize savings.

Flexible solutions with low communication costs

combined with high reliability and flexibility.

Smart sensoring

To measure data on location, sensors or data loggers are necessary. Within our total solutions philosophy we can advice either a Datawatt IoT-series sensor or data logger, but just as well third party measuring equipment or sensors. These devices are used for all sorts of measurements and for obtaining measurement data.

We have knowledge and experience from measuring equipment within the water, energy and industry market. The Datawatt IoT-series sensors are available in battery and plugged in solutions with different sorts of housings for various applications and for different environmental requirements.


The IoT-solution in a water resistant housing

Different communication networks

We use independent communication networks. For example NB-IoT or Sigfox are networks for IoT applications. Our IoT-series sensors are developed to collect and send data with all kind of IoT-networks. We are able to tell you about the most suitable network for your project.


The IoT-connector is developed to make all data from the sensors usable. The connector ensures that all data is integrated into the operating system. The IoT-connector is the interface between the sensors and the central software. The design of the IoT-connector is modular and open, from the first signal up to the host software.


System design IoT-solution

Webscada Stream for IoT

All data from the sensors should be followed with relevant actions. By adding all available data with data from smart algorithms, the data becomes more interesting for the user. We can send all data to different central systems or you can use our Stream webscada solution.

All data within Stream is enriched with data from third parties such as weather information, energy market prices or other relevant data. There are many possibilities within Stream to make data work. We deliver Stream as a tailor-made solution, completely based on your wishes or as a part of our complete solution.

Stream webscada

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