Market areas

Datawatt delivers in different market areas. We optimise infrastructural processes in the water, energy and industry market. For example what happens when the electricity supply suddenly fails? What are the consequences when water stops flowing from the tap? Who can live without the heating of natural gas? What happens if we are not timely notified when sluices and pump-stations stop working These are all examples of everyday services, common as they are available. It is only when they suddenly fail that their real value becomes apparent.

Datawatt, provider for remote solutions

Energy, electricity and drinking water are delivered via complex networks of distribution centers of pipes and transmission systems. Also is the transport of waste-water and open-surface water. Remote control, supervision, monitoring and control are invaluable for these processes. They cannot be made available without telemetry and automation. Moreover, environmental protection and the efficient distribution and use of energy cannot be realised without these systems. Datawatt solutions help optimising infrastructural processes in different market areas.

Different market areas

EnergieEnergy market

The challenges in the energy market are in the field of smart grids, renewable energy generation and systems to save energy costs. All Dutch energy distribution companies have trusted for over 40 years on our expertise. Read more >

WatermanagementWater market

The infrastructure for sewage and waste-water, clean drinking water and the quality of our surface water is managed with reliable and flexible systems. Datawatt has a long history of being a reliable partner for water companies, municipalities and water boards. Read more > 

BewakingIndustrial market

Reliable information of the process helps deciding on company policy issues and decisions. Whether it concerns the monitoring of pipelines, energy management or monitoring multiple devices or EVHI’s. Datawatt has experience with projects that optimises networks in all sorts of processes. Read more > 

buitenland-energieInternational market

Based on our experiences and expertise Datawatt also works on major projects in foreign markets. All our documentation, support and manuals are available in different languages. Our employees have a lot of experience with different sorts of projects in the water, energy and industrial markets. Read more >