Energy market

Rapid changes

Changes in the energy market occur because of new technologies, societal circumstances and political objectives. “The market becomes more democratic, central and volatile,” according Jurjes of the Dutch organisation of network companies. Modern network operators face challenges to optimise the energy networks for new developments.

Energy market

Modern network supervisors face a lot of challenges

Optimisation of the network includes solutions for the control and the quality and capacity of the network. Johan van der Veen, account manager energy at Datawatt: “Especially flexibility is important to manage the capacity of the network at the lowest cost. For instance storage, demand and load response and switch services contribute to these goals.”


Our solutions ensure that energy is non-stop available. In case of disturbances, the added intelligence to the networks ensures that the impact of the disturbance is minimised.

Solutions exist of projects for monitoring, smart grids, distributionmetering or energy smart grids.


Getting smarter

Energy is an essential part of our society. The importance of energy networks, are again proven through the recent power failures.

We have experience in the energy market for many years. Not only do we make the networks smarter by adding intelligence. We provide control, monitoring and supervision. Our tailor made solutions  take care of whole project. From the integration of hardware, software, services and an optimal communication.

We have realised a number of projects in the energy market. Our projects give you the opportunity to evaluate us in different areas. Because they demonstrate our knowledge and expertise. We want to be your reliable partner with flexible solutions. 



The products used within the energy market area:

D26-TriCOM, substation for the control off small objects
D05-MRTU, for automation and controlling objects
D05-LITE, the price favorable all-in-one RTU for small locations
Stream, the webportal for managing processes
Services tot optimize our solution for management and configuration of the telemetry system

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