Datawatt solutions provide real time reliable information

The Datawatt products and systems are widely used for monitoring energy networks and processes. The data from our reliable solutions are often critical information for management, process controllers, or  the finance department. By monitoring data, the processes can be better managed and controlled.

Central monitoring

A best practice is the central monitoring of the medium voltage network from the energy company Westland Energie. With the use of different substations and Remote Terminal Units (RTU ‘s) different protection relays and other measuring devices are monitored and read. The various protection relays communicate locally with the RTUs. Besides real time data  also disturbance data is monitored. The communication with the central system is based on the IEC60870-5-104 network protocol that is also used for the transmission of disturbance data files. Communication uses the TCP/IP WAN from Westland Energie. Datawatt also delivered the central system at Westland


More and more energy networks are operated remotely. Their for it is increasingly important for the network operators to secure the data transmission between the field devices and the central scada system. Besides the security of the the RTU’s and sub-stations and the security from the central system, there is also a security risk whilst sending the data. Datawatt is the first company in the Netherlands that has realised encrypted data. In co-creation with Westland Energie, Datawatt developed a secure version of the IEC60870-5-104 protocol that encrypts data during transmission. This new implementation is not only of interest for energy networks, but also for the operators of water and industrial networks. This solution is not only available for new Datawatt D05 RTU’s but is also available for most existing D05-stations.

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Monitoring with data security

Datawatt performs monitoring with extra data security.