Smart grids

Smart grids are made with smart solutions. Not only in the distribution of electricity but also other networks are getting smarter with our solutions. By combining knowledge, hardware and software from different disciplines, we are able to develop smart and flexible solutions.

Best practices of smart grids

An example of an innovative system for smart grids is the RFPI (Remote Fault Passage Indicator) project that we have delivered for Stedin Alfen. The RFPI project is a system that makes energy distribution networks smart. The project enhances the placement of several remote fault passage indicators (RFPIs) in the medium-voltage network. Short-circuit detectors ensure real time alarmering of time and place when, in the distribution network a short circuit alarm appears. The result of this project is that problems are solved faster and the network has less failure time.

The solution consists of sensors at strategic locations in the MV/LV network that are connected to telemetry units. The units provide essential information on basic functions and process information from the network. For example the detection of a short circuit or a earth leakage current, information over the place of failure, configurations, load patterns and timing. The solution realises a reduction in failure minutes and realises a significant cost saving. The network is managed and monitored more efficiently.

This solutions is an example of how we can make networks, smart grids with the use of reliable Datawatt solutions and equipment.

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