Industrial market

Large consumers, industrial marketIn the industrial market the processes are often equipped with infrastructural networks to support the primary process. Reliable information of the process helps to support company policy issues and decisions. Datawatt is a solid partner that delivers reliable and real time information with flexible solutions.

Solid solutions

The solutions in the  industrial market concern systems and projects for controlling, monitoring and the distribution of the network infrastructure from the company. Our systems ensure that important company processes are non-stop available and that in case of disruptions adequate measures are taken.

Smart networks

Datawatt has a lot of experience with optimising networks in the energy, gas, oil and water markets. Our knowledge and experience is used to optimise critical industrial networks. Whether it concerns the monitoring of pipelines, energy management control or monitoring multiple devices or EVHI’s. Datawatt has experience with projects that optimises networks in all sorts of processes.

Products used within the industry market area:

• D26-TriCOM, substation for the control off small objects
• D05-MRTU, for automation and controlling objects
• D05-LITE, the price favorable all-in-one RTU for small locations
• Stream, the webportal for managing processes
• WinCoach, for management and configuration of the telemetry system

Our projects demonstrate our knowledge and expertise and know how in the different markets. Please read all about our project references in the industrial market.

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