International market

Based on our experiences and expertise Datawatt also works on major projects in the international  market. All our documentation, support and manuals are available in different languages. Our employees have a lot of experience with different sorts of projects in the water, energy,  and industrial markets.

Drinkwateroptimalisatie Mombasa

De installatie in het drinkwaterleidingnet wordt met lokale partijen gerealiseerd

Based on our experience Datawatt is able use her expertise to optimize these processes in all sorts of international utility projects.

Our solutions

We offer our experience within our market specialisations for use in international projects.

  • In the water market the projects concern water management, distribution and monitoring. For example a management and monitoring system for surface and ground water level and flow observations for a water board.
  • In the energy market the main USP from Datawatt is related to projects for distribution, controlling, automation, smart grids and energy management. Certainly the smart grid market is in a major international development phase, in which Datawatt is able to apply her knowledge and experience.
  • In the industrial market Datawatt has a lot of expertise in optimizing the production network processes. For example, projects concerning international oil or gas pipelines, or management systems for integrated fire detection.

Knowledge and experience

Datawatt likes to share her knowledge and experience within the international markets. Our employees have extensive knowledge in different market areas and are able to deal with complex issues. Moreover Datawatt systems are designed with a proven concept and our products are very reliable. We know by experience that our products keep on working for many years even under the most demanding circumstances and environmental conditions. All our documentation and manuals are available in Dutch and English and in several other languages. All our employees speak and write both Dutch and English in a professional way and are able to deal with all sorts of cultures.

Datawatt a reliable partner in the international market

Datawatt has realized several projects in the international market, e.g. in Curaçao, Aruba, Belgium, the UK, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Middle East, Ghana, Malaysia and Bangladesh. Together with local partners around the world Datawatt builds and maintains turnkey systems including software development, consultancy and project management. Also services and support are available all around the world.

Partner policy

The partner policy of Datawatt is focused on enforcing our product portfolio and strategic alliances in order to offer complete projects in the international market. We are therefore always looking for new partners.

Solutions for the foreign marktet

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