Clean drinking water

Datawatt solutions

Datawatt contributes to clean drinking water worldwide by sharing our experience and expertise. We work together in co-creation with for example Vitens Evides International (VEI), but also with other organisations and consultants. We support water companies all over the world with equipment and knowledge to improve their drinking water networks in a sustainable way.

By means of technical, operational and scada management solutions, we provide utility companies with hardware and software to optimise clean drinking water networks. This concerns issues as water quality and safety, non-revenue water, asset management, supervising and control. In this way we ensure that more people enjoy reliable and safe drinking water now and in the future worldwide.

Our organisation is not only equipped with technical knowledge but also social and emphatic skills. In order to be effective, it is important to understand the problem and to work together with the local people involved. “This is what makes us a reliable partner with solid solutions”, according to managing director, Roy Gerding.

Best practice

Folkert de Jager, Project Manager at VEI, started in 2013 with a project in Bangladesh. “Bangladesh was an unknown country for us. We thought it would be a very difficult country, were achievements would be very hard to realise.  But after working in Bangladesh for a year, I can now say that cooperation with the Bengal people is very positive” They really want to learn new things and techniques and are keen to develop the water distribution proces further. We make steps everyday by searching the dialogue and remain committed. Together with Datawatt we have introduced Stream scada system. An achievement we are proud. It was one of the highlights for our Water Operations Partnership (WOP) WASH projects in 2013.

97% of the population in Bangladesh depends on groundwater for drinking water. In 1993, it appeared that most of the groundwater in Bangladesh is contaminated by a natural source of arsenic. It is a huge task for the government to provide the population with clean drinking water. We are proud to be able to contribute to this process.

Drinking water company Dhaka WASA has achieved this by:

  • Improved design and construction of deep tube wells (DTWs).
  • Increased DTW performances and O & M practices by regeneration of 60 wells and customised energy-efficient pumps (monitoring dry pumps).
  • Improved management of distribution networks and district measured areas (DMAs) by active leak detection and reduction of Non Revenue Water( NRW) program of 15%.
  • Improved 24/7 operational control of DMAs by scada and PA systems, including online DTW operation.
  • Improved water quality through functional and safe chlorine plants including monitoring.

More information

For more information on clean drinking water projects world wide, please contact Roy Gerding.