Water market

Flexible solutions

The infrastructure in the water market for sewage and waste-water, clean drinking water and the quality of our surface water is managed with reliable and flexible systems. Datawatt has a long history of being an reliable partner for water companies, municipalities and water boards.

Our solutions

Datawatt supports these processes with products and systems for Real Time control (RTC), Energy neutral, Renovation and Drinking water.

Reliable systems

Sophisticated systems are required to monitor and control water levels and to put the appropriate pumping strategy into operation. Also sluices, barriers and reservoirs need to be remotely controlled. The automatation of drinking water production and distribution is equally important and, for waste water transport and treatment, integrated systems are essential to meet high quality and safety standards.

The products used within the water market area:

D26-series, battery powered data logger and level sensor
DSG-series, for automation and controlling objects
IoT-series, for reliable Internet of thing communciation
Stream, the webportal for managing processe
IoT-connector, protocol and data covertor to other central systems
WinCoach, for management and configuration of the telemetry system

Our projects give you the opportunity to evaluate us in the different market fields. The projects demonstrate our knowledge and expertise and show how we practise being a reliable partner for solid solutions. Read more >