Distribution and metering

Distribution and metering are also important issues in the water market. For example it helps water companies optimising the water networks. Drinking water companies purify groundwater or surface water up to a quality that is suitable for consumption. In the majority of the households this water is also used for showering and flushing the toilet. Although there is generally spoken sufficient water, the government is trying to reduce water consumption to protect the environment. By using water saving solutions through monitoring  the distribution network closely, the water usage can decrease. Monitoring the distribution network and metering the flows contributes to smart grids in water networks.

Distribution network

Major water pipelines take care of the distribution of the water. They distribute drinking water to households and businesses. From these pipelines smaller pipelines are connected to bring drinking water further to the customers in the street. For each house, factory or office building an even smaller pipeline is used that is connected to the water meter. In order to push the water through the pipes, nowadays pumps are used. Pumps and water towers provide sufficient pressure, so the water runs smoothly from the tap.

Monitoring and controlling the water distribution network is performed with Datawatt equipment. For best practices please see the page Projects Water.

Measuring flow by metering

Metering concerns the question “How much water do i use”? Of course your  water meter will tell, but this meter can also be used for all kinds of other applications. For example for registration, groundwater control, irrigation data, distribution network information or for pipeline leak detection.

Distribution and metering projects

Together with a Datawatt logger the correct data wil be measured from, for example the average flow rate or the day and night volumes. Best practices in metering projects are delivered for the companies Waterbedrijf Groningen, Vitens and Evides.

An example of a cabinet for distribution and metering in water networks

An example of a cabinet for distribution and metering in water networks.