Network control

Solutions for network control

Network control for critical processes is one of the core competencies of Datawatt. The focus of these projects is to provide solutions for centralised and decentralised networks to control the quality and capacity of the network. Due to the increase of decentralised power systems, is increasingly important to maintain the grip on the stability and the reliability of the network. Different Datawatt solutions are able to optimise the network.

Decentralised power distribution

A best practices project in this area is the control system that Datawatt has delivered in co-creation with Tenergy and Fudura. For this project, a control system is designed to control a number of Controlled Heat Power units (CHPs). A system structure is set up in which the locations are equipped Datawatt RTUs communicating via GPRS to a central server. The server features Datawatt DxServer communication software to interface with other third parties central systems. The RTUs are connected to different electricity, gas and water meters. The data is send real time with date and time stamp to the central system. This information is used by the management for fiscale settlement and by Tenergy for non-fiscal tasks. The system also takes care of CHP control, based on the retrieved data from the various locations in order to achieve an optimal energy balans.

More information

If you want to control your network please contact Jasper Arts from Datawatt.