Reliable and unique

Our mission is to deliver technically advanced tailor-made solutions. Wij want to be a customer based organisation and offer reliable products and tailor-made complete solutions. We can deliver the whole project and offer our clients an optimal service and support.

Tailor-made solutions

Our solutions are delivered in different processes in the water, energy, and industrial markets. We offer all the data from the process to be available at the right time and at the right place. Our hardware and software combined with partner products, optimal support and service, make sure you can rely on us for the whole project.

Sustainability, protecting the environment and (energy) savings are an integral part of our solutions.

Proces data presented at the right time and the right place.

Our solutions are used in projects for production and distribution of drinking, waste and surface water, or in the MV-voltage and other power networks, for upstream oil and gas projects and in the utility industry. We use our unique knowledge and technical expertise in the fields of communication and technical automation of complex geographically spread processes. We manufacture for the most part our own hardware and software. Examples of our expertise it best proven by a number of projects.

Scada solutions

We deliver systems and software for various central automation and scada solutions. Our systems are used for the processing and presentation of system data. Depending on the scale and importance of the data, we offer different solutions. Our data can be connected to many different central systems. We offer solutions for small and for large applications.

For scada we use the new HTML5 Stream web application. This solution takes care of the monitoring of multiple geographically spread processes. Data management has never been easier, Stream makes all process data online real time available for PC, smartphone or tablet.


Our substations and remote terminal units (RTUs) differ from most other standard solutions, because of their large number of readily available functions. Our products provide a wide range of possibilities, making them suitable for measuring processes at distant locations. The difference with other PLCs is that the Datawatt RTU has many built-in functions, which can be easily activated, whereas in a standard PLC every new function needs to be programmed. On top of the standard configurable functions, our PLCs provide full functionality, programmable using the IEC standard program languages.For configuration, managing and testing purposes we provide our own software. Apart from this, all necessary partner products such as displays, no break power supplies and antennas are available. Added with our knowledge, know how and perfect service and support  makes us a reliable partner wit solid solutions.

We offer an integral combination of :

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Complete cabinets
  • Hardware solutions
  • Software solutions
  • Partner products
  • Excellent service and support
  • Consultancy

More information about our products? 

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