Data loggers and RTUs

Our data loggers and RTUs data loggers and RTUs are used in many applications for different markets. The design of our data loggers is based on the principle that decentralised data storage increases the reliability and reduces the energy usage and the communication costs. Our data loggers are found on several infrastructural networks. For example in the LV/MV-voltage network, drinking water pipelines, oil platforms, water sewage stations and for networks in the utility industry.

Our systems contribute in process networks where data is to be measured and collected. Our RTUs are famous because of their universal use and reliability. A wide range of communication protocols can be applied and also different types of data input are possible.  There are many possibilities, including hardware signals or serial protocols such as Modbus.

By far the best over distance

Our products have many features that make our equipment perfect for remote operation. There are many standard built in functionalities. Such as reliable alarming and PLC functions. The reliability and flexibility is what distinguishes Datawatt solutions from other data collecting solutions.

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  • D05 series
  • D26 Series
  • IoT Series