The new Datawatt Internet of Things (IoT) series are specially developed to send data quickly and cost-efficient. Combining reliable Datawatt technology with low communication costs. The IoT-series are applicable for various types of data measurements in different sorts of networks. Various types of housings are available, for all circumstances.

New opportunities

The development of the new IoT solution creates many new opportunities. We have provided reliable data for many years in many projects and markets. We are an expert in sending data to the right place and right time.

With our experience in M2M communication, the step to the Internet of Things (IoT) communication network is small. We know how to gather and send data and use it to the organization’s benefit.

Quick and cheap

The biggest advantage of the new IoT-solution is that data can be send quick and cheap, with low power consumption. With the IoT communication network, communication costs are surprisingly low, especially in comparison with the usual solutions. Due to the low power consumption and the low costs, it is possible to connect many more locations than with the previous solutions.

Our IoT-solution is able to send data for up to 10 years without battery change.

With our IoT-solutions, we are able to connect almost all equipment that reads data within infrastructural networks or processes. Our solution makes sure that the collected data is used to further optimize your process or network.

Reliable data will be presented in an efficient manner. We understand that the continuing low cost of communication is an important advantage.

Different communication networks

We use networks independently. For example Sigfox or NB-IOT are networks made for IoT-applications. Our new IoT-series are developed to collect and send data via these networks. The Datawatt IoT-solution is used for different types of measurements. Therefore, we have chosen for an independent approach.

We are able to advise on the most optimal communication network for your organization. We have experience with Lora and Sigfox and the dutch NB-IoT communication network is soon to be rolled out.


Sigfox is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) with high capacity. This network is specially developed for reading out data from sensors. It’s more energy-efficient than GPRS or 3G alternatives. Therefore, locations where battery power is required are very suitable for this network connectivity. For example, reading smart meters and intelligent sensors in infrastructural networks. The Sigfox network provider in the Netherlands is the Company Aerea.


NB (Narrowband)-IoT is one of the latest technologies for long distance communication between equipment and the Internet. NB- IoT has a range that is comparable to the current network coverage (for example, 4G). However, the energy consumption is very low. That makes Narrowband IoT very suitable for sending small amounts of data and simple commands. Many providers such as Vodafone are working on the introduction of this technology.  We continue to follow the latest developments to keep you informed.

Total solutions

Our IoT-series provide data from different sensors, for example data on pressure, water height, battery voltage or temperature. We ensure that the data from the process is easily sent to the correct location or central system and that the data is used to optimize your process. We take care of the whole process.


The IoT-solution works real time. The batteries can last up to 5 to 6 times longer than existing solutions. For example the IoT-sensor and logger works for ten years without battery change at 4x read out per hour and 1x per hour sending the data. The frequency can be adjusted but this affects the battery usage. Let us inform you on your specified project.

Best practices

The Datawatt (Internet of Things) IoT-solution is applied on the leak detection project for drinking water company Oasen.  By using the internet of things (IoT) with LoRa communication, it is possible to send a lot of data fast and cheap to the central system from Oasen. The solution is invisibly built into the drinking water supply pipelines. This project is used to test various aspects of the IoT solutions.


The IoT-solution is invisibly built-in the drinking water network.

The IoT-serie meets all the traditions of Datawatt solutions: reliable, flexible, wide usability, low power and easy operation.

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