The Datawatt solution with the Electronic Volume Convertors (EVCs) in combination with a data logger or RTU, offers an complete solution to remotely read your gas meter. Our solution provides more insights in your process and more over you can save gas.

Our system is designed for all metering connections and for smaller gas connections. If you use more than 170,000 m3 gas on an annual basis, an EVC is required by law. We can provide only the EVC or datalogger but also a complete turnkey solution.


Complete solutions

The gas flow on your gas meter is not equal to the amount of your actual use of gas. Pressure and temperature lead to a distorted flows. Our EVC takes care of the gas correction of the gas pressure and temperature and corrects the volume. The EVC is reliable and lawefully.

In co-creation with Elgas our solution corrects the gas volumes ​​accurately and according to the legal requirements as established in the Gas Code. The measured data of the gas consumption is send to the network operator and gas supplier. Therefore, your invoice is always correct and on time.

Our system offers an ideal solution for telemetry, data collection and billing purposes on all sort of gas volumes.

More information

More information on our EVC solutions? Please contact Henk Berkhof.