Communication server

Host applications

Communication server software provides an interface between the hardware on location and the software programs in the host applications. Our interfaces provide a number of services for communication with other applications. We have many years of experience in this specific discipline.

Open interfaces

An important part of our solution is the reliable handling of communication to the different locations in the field. Our communication server runs on the Windows platform and communicates with multiple modems and TCP socket connections at the same time. We can work with different modems and different protocols. In addition, our communication server has a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that provides an open interface that allows third parties to communicate with our data loggers and RTUs.

The Datawatt solution

Our communication server solution collects data from the data loggers or other third party equipment and transfers it to the central system software where it is integrated within the environment. The data loggers or third party equipment at site communicate with the IEC609870-5-104 protocol on the GPRS network with the communication server that interfaces with the central system. For GPRS communication, an internal GPRS engine is included. The latest development is the (internet of things) IoT-communication.

Reliable and flexible

For data logging systems, it is especially important that the solution handles correctly in situations that are not “normal”, such as failures or disturbances. During such moments the distinction is made between the reliability of the different systems. Our solutions are based on many years of experience with large data logging and telemetry systems. This has resulted in a particularly reliable and flexible solution.

Best practices

An example of our communication software to an external system is the PI interface we have developed. Many water companies in the Netherlands use the central OSIsoft PI system for collecting process information about the pipeline network.

PI Interface

For communication to the Osisoft PI system, we have developed an PI interface that operates independently. The communication server operates between the field modules and the central application. Communication is made using the IEC60870-5-104 communication protocol. This makes it possible to send data from all sorts of equipment to the Osisoft PI servers. Best practices are the Data for Vitens project and the leak detection project for Oasen.

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