Stream webscada is the modern solution for central software systems. Stream is designed for controlling and managing geographically distributed processes or networks. The design is modern and the application is easy to use. Stream supports all browsers and can be used on PC, smartphone, tablet or iPad. The solution provides better insight in your process on a modern, efficient, and secure way. Anytime, anywhere!

Features and benefits

• Web based
• In several languages (soon)
• Custom-based design
• User preference availability
• OPC-UA supported
• Different RTU’s and dataloggers can be connected
• Multiple simultaneous administrators possible
• Role-based permissions
• Demo login upon request



Process control

Because Stream webscada combines all data from the process with smart algorithms, better insights for process optimization is available. This data can be expanded with third party information such as weather information or energy market prices to provide data to support decisions, that effect your process.

Stream offers many functionalities, it can easily be installed to optimize your network or process. In addition to the standard features, more (graphical) overviews can be added. We deliver complete customized solutions. Combined with Datawatt dataloggers or RTUs, third party products and our optimal service and support, we can deliver tailor-made solutions.


All data is easily connected, even data from other measuring and controlling equipment. All data is collected, processed and presented. Ready to optimize your process. Stream provides insight in your process and equipment, making better socially responsible choices possible. For example, energy consumption can be more cost-effective or a better pumping strategy can be implemented.

We like to deliver complete solutions. We are able to manage and maintain the complete system, so you have the convenience of all data ready to use.

The information can be displayed as;

• Webscada
• Google Maps
• Charts
• Reports
• Excel downloads
• etcetra

Stream ensures that all data and measurements from the process is presented real time. This information is available on PC, smartphone, tablet or IPad. The only thing you need is internet. You do not need specific software, add-ons or plug-ins


Stream is secured with an extra token for authentication in addition to the use of a username and a password.

Best practices

All network managers aim for an efficient process with high efficiency, low interference and an optimal planning. Datawatt Stream has proven itself in a variety of network processes. For example, in the Distribution Automation Project for Enexis to deliver detailed energy monitoring, detection of unbalance and overload and control of the public lighting network. Furthermore we have delivered succefull projects in processes for the water and industry market.


More information on our webpage Stream or read our Stream brochure.

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