Control cabinets

Our data loggers and RTUs are often used in combination with other equipment. These are built into control cabinets of different size and complexity. We build complete control cabinets for various market segments.

Turnkey solutions

We have an extensive experience in supplying control cabinets and control panels. The cabinets and panels can be equipped with third-party equipment, such as separators, flow meters, touchscreen displays, etc. We do not only take care of the installation, but we can also, supply the entire project. Our solutions are not only competitive in the market, but also very innovative, reliable and efficient. We are able to manage the entire project from data logger to control cabinet to a complete (web) scada system.

Building complete control cabinets and panels is an important part of our solutions.


D26 on mounting panel for building in a control cabinet

Our professional drawing department provides the corresponding electrical drawings and connection drawings. We can provide drawings with E-plan but also Autocad, Corel Draw, Paint and other Windows programma can be used to supply the belonging additional drawings.

Datawatt maakt overstap naar Eplan

Eplan is equipped with an extensive elektro technical library.

More information

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