Energy management and Control System (EMCS)

For the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, we have realised an Energy Management and Control System (EMCS). This system monitors the energy and ensures an optimal use of the available emergency power in case of power failure. Because of the size of the project, the delivery is performed over several years. The medical center can be compared with the best in the world.

Erasmus MC

Erasmus MC

Vital importance

The complete renovation and construction of the medical center is completed in 2018.  For a medical center it is of vital importance that the energy management system functions at all times under all circumstances.

Before delivery the system passed a tough stress at the Factory during FAT testing and at site during SAT testing protocols. These severe heavy test procedure were part of the delivery.

The systems are thoroughly tested before delivery

It is evident that the availability of such a system is of the utmost importance. Lives are at stake  when a proper operation of a Medical Center is concerned.

Power distribution

Energy supplies must function at all times under all circumstances. Datawatt has been selected for this project because of the many years of experience in power distribution. Our reliability and flexibility in Project management are also important values besides our engineering expertise.


More information

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