Leak detection for Oasen to optimise the drinking water pipeline distribution network. Leak detection is being  performed by carrying out measurements in the drinking water pipelines. This makes leak detection at an early stage possible. The drinking water company gets better insight in the pipeline network for the distribution of the drinking water. Oasen has worked together with Datawatt on the project “the drinking water network of the future.” This project, by using the new Datawatt Internet of Things (IoT) solution, provides several new opportunities to gain more insight.

Datawatt IoT- oplossing op Digital Dutch, Leak detection for Oasen

Measurements in the drinking water network

By conducting measurements in the drinking water pipelines, water company Oasen is working on the improvement of the water delivery. By placing sensors in the drinking water network, real time and over distance pressure, flow and temperature is being measured. The sensor is connected to a data logger, that takes care of the communication with the central software. The data logger and the flow meter are both in battery and power version, therefore different sorts of connections and locations can be monitored.

Leak detection in the drinking water distribution

Measurements in the water network help to detect leaks at an early stage. Even before the customer notices it. The Datawatt logger records the pressure in the pipeline network and transmits the data automatically. If the pressure drops to the normal pressure value in the pipeline, actions can be made right away. This way leaks can be detected at an earlier stage than before.

The drinking water network of the future

Datawatt has participated in more projects for the drinking water company Oasen. For example the project for leak detection in District Metered Areas (DMAs). This project has provided reliable data to the central system of Oasen for some time. This projects also succeeded in detecting leaks early in the water distribution.

Bas Bouwman, Asset manager at Oasen: “At this time, District Metered Areas (DMAs) are used to detect leaks at an early stage. Normally leaks were detected by labor-intensive methods such as step testing and leak detection equipment. Although DMAs are smaller than the entire distribution network, it still requires a lot of time to find the leak. The use of pressure points within a DMA enables to search leaks faster. The leak localisation is narrowed by measuring the pressure drop caused by a leak in the network. ” Leak detection for Oasen
The latest project for leak detection with the new Datawatt IoT solution provides new opportunities. By using the internet of things (IoT) with LoRa communication, it is possible to send a lot of data fast and inexpensive to the central system. This solution is invisibly built into the drinking water supply pipelines. This pilot is being used to test various aspects of the IoT solutions.

IoT, Leak detection for Oasen

Leak detection for Oasen

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