Every day, Vitens supplies 5.6 million customers with drinking water that meets the highest quality. All drinking water is from Dutch groundwater. The distribution network is approximately 49,500 kilometers and supplies 352 million cubic meters of drinking water per year.

Datawatt has developed different proejct to optimeze the drinking water distribution for Vitens.

Peripheral Measurements for Vitens

An example of a cabinet with data logger

Peripheral Measurements

Vitens uses so-called “peripheral measurements” to make pressure and flow visible in the water distribution network. For this project we delivered a number of dataloggers in cabinets and an interface to the software package “PI System” the data processing system of Vitens.

PI interface

For the interface to the “PI System” we have developed an intelligent driver based on SDK OSIsoft that sends data to the various “PI servers”, based on the geographical location of our dataloggers. These measurements are used to calibrate the theoretical model, to optimise the distribution and to have timely information when calamities in the network occur. Furthermore the data is used to optimise the infrastructure from the network. The data provides information on the energy consumption, but also on other operational information and analysis over longer periods. This is the so-called historical data.

Peripheral Measurements for Vitens

The data is sent real time via GPRS. Both the pressure and the flow measurement equipment are placed underground. The transmitter, the D26 TriCOM data logger and the UPS battery are placed in a cabinet above the ground (see picture). All data are stored in the data logger and send via GPRS to the OSIsoft PI System.

Data for Vitens

Business customers have a significant share in the turnover of Vitens. The top 1000 largest business customers have a combined consumption of around 26 million m3 of water. For these companies Vitens has launched an AMR tender, that has to provide real-time information on the water use and invoicing.

The new AMR solution that Datawatt delivers, provides flexible and reliable data. Vitens needs a stable, innovative system for the management of water meters and collecting data. A scalable and flexible solution with a high data resolution and near real-time consumption values. The project must lead to a higher customer satisfaction and service level.

Total solution

We deliver a complete solution, that uses the IoT-connector to Stream and the HES (Head-end system), AMR Water meters, Internet of Things data loggers and Data communication. The Datawatt AMR concept takes care of the automated collection of the meter data and different measurements. The connection to the Head End System (HES) is via the IoT-connector to Osisoft PI, the central system of Vitens. All data is sent to Stream, were different graphs are available for (management) insight into the process.

Low communication costs

Through the use of modern NB-IoT communication, a lot of data is gathered while communication costs remain low. In the field, more than 900 AMR water meters with Mbus sensors are linked to a Datawatt IoT-data logger. The IoT-data logger takes care of logging and sending the data. The alarms are monitored and reported to e-mail, SMS or app.

Integral design

The design is integrated in the water distribution process. All laws and regulations are complied with. Different KPIs are set in the new solution, for example for the completeness of the data, malfunctions and validation. All in co-creation with Vitens.



The starting point of the design is “security by design”. Nowadays, security plays an important role in modern client-based solutions. Security threats include manipulation of data, attacks on the infrastructure or taking over control in the distribution network. As soon as sensors collect critical business information, there is a risk of hacking and data manipulation. In the development of our AMR 2.0 concept, data security and system security are important.

Together with Vitens we work on security measures at all levels. From the meter to the central system. Optimal security is not achieved with a single solution or resource. It is a combination of integrated techniques, applications and collaboration at all levels. Not only technology but also people are an important factor.

With our experience, we cooperate as a partner on the best solution possible. Interested? Please contact us, we are happy to work with you on the best solution.

More information

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