Peripheral Measurements for Vitens

An example of a cabinet with data logger

Peripheral Measurements

Vitens uses so-called “peripheral measurements” to make pressure and flow visible in the water distribution network. For this project we delivered a number of dataloggers in cabinets and an interface to the software package “PI System” the data processing system of Vitens.

PI interface

For the interface to the “PI System” we have developed an intelligent driver based on SDK OSIsoft that sends data to the various “PI servers”, based on the geographical location of our dataloggers. These measurements are used to calibrate the theoretical model, to optimise the distribution and to have timely information when calamities in the network occur. Furthermore the data is used to optimise the infrastructure from the network. The data provides information on the energy consumption, but also on other operational information and analysis over longer periods. This is the so-called historical data.

The data is sent real time via GPRS. Both the pressure and the flow measurement equipment are placed underground. The transmitter, the D26 TriCOM data logger and the UPS battery are placed in a cabinet above the ground (see picture). All data are stored in the data logger and send via GPRS to the OSIsoft PI System.

The project started with a pilot, to test the system and the functionality of the loggers and the data processing. After passing all tests the delivery started of approximately 300 locations over a longer period. Besides the cabinets and the interface we trained the Vitens engineers so they are able to configure the system themselves and to make adjustments.


Peripheral Measurements for Vitens

System overview


More information

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