Success for Remote Fault Passage Indicator project 

The tender for Remote Fault Passage Indication (RFPI) project for Stedin has been a great success. We have delivered approx. 1400 telemetry cabinets with a D26 GPRS substation. Our system solution is modular and conforms to relevant IEC-standards based on open interfaces. Our solution supports and optimises the maintenance and the control of the energy network grid. The project has realised shorter disturbances in the energy network grid. Therefor significant cost savings are realised.


Alarm indicator

RFPIs makes it possible for the network operator to observe remotely in which transformer station the distribution of a short circuit appears. If an error occurs, the data logger sends an alarm to the central system. The central system takes care of informing the responsible person or system. The system indicates the alarm and reports the location. This ensures that the network company can react quicker. the problem can be solved without any delays for finding the location of the alarm.

Energy smart grids

Stedin is investing in making her energy grids smart. Thus allowing customers to suffer less from power failures. In practice it means a reduction of faults up to 85%. The short-circuit indicators are used in the medium voltage network at 10 kV, 13 kV and 23 kV energy grids. Within these grids, the telemetry cabinets with the RFPIs are mounted at strategic locations. For example junctions or locations where faults have a large impact.

The fault passage indication system is used in grids with a ‘classic’ load flow pattern. A more enhanced version, with additional functionality, is to be used in grids with less predictable load patterns. For example, due to local production from renewable energy.

Complete cabinets

Our solution is build out of sensors connected to a telemetry unit cabinet. Build in the telemetry unit cabinet are Remote Fault Passage Indicators (RFPIs) and a Datawatt D26 GPRS Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). The RTU controls one or several fault passage indicators and takes care of the telemetry connection to the central SCADA/DMS system from Stedin. The RFPIs provide various basic functionalities such as detection of short circuit currents and earth fault currents, remote configuration, process information, grid management and time synchronisation.


Compatibility between the RFPI solution and the substation, as well as between the SCADA/EMS system are important requirements for this solution. Our equipment is very flexible and therefor very suitable for this projects. Compatibility assures the correct functioning of all the components, in particular regarding safety, maintenance and life expectancy.


A RFPI cabinet at work.

More information

For more information please contact Johan van der Veen.