We have delivered a unique Telemetry fire alarm for AkzoNobel Chemicals in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. For a chemical park of national importance with a lot of high-tech and chemical processes it goes without saying that the system must be reliable and function under all circumstances.

Monitoring large consumers

Safety first

Based on the knowledge and skills of our systems engineers we have designed a unique Telemetry fire alarm for AkzoNobel that uses the current fixed leased-lines network. For a chemical organisation it is important that the system works at all times under all circumstances. With our solution of a telemetry fire alarm system it is impossible to miss a fire alarm.


The solutions consists of a unique combination of D05 RTU hardware and software based on the webscada Stream. At various locations in the factory, D05 stations are placed to collect the data and send it to the scada Stream master station. When an alarm occurs, not only acoustic signals are send but also alarm messages by e-mail and SMS.

Datawatt delivered a fire alarm system for the same factory 25 years ago. The system worked without failure all that time. But the technology was outdated and not all parts were available for replacement. Therefore AkzoNobel decided to install a new and modern alarm system. After weighing several offers they opted again for Datawatt. Important criteria for the new system were safety, reliability, the highest availability, and of course a fair price. The new system had to meet today’s standards and requirements and use the latest state of the art techniques.

Webscada Stream

By using Stream webscada a state of the art technique has been implemented. Stream makes it possible to have data available anytime and everywhere. Real time and historical data can be presented in various ways e.g.: on a geographical overview, different reports, alarm list or chart, etc.  This solution is a reliable and safe system that meets all stringent requirements.

Telemetry fire alarm for AkzoNobel

An overview of the webscada screen


More information

For more information please contact Henk Klompmaker.