Service and repair

Datawatt offers a well utilised service and repair department for support or remote login for our customers. In case of a failure you can check-in with your request at our service desk for assistance and repairs. The repairs are carried out by our engineering department. If our service engineer has a problem, he can not solve, he asks for assistance by fellow engineers. Datawatt features a well-equipped service department with spare materials and equipment. It is our aim to notify you within a one working day concerning the progress of your repair.

How to reach our service and repair department

You can contact our service and repair department by using this website on the button or by phone or e-mail. Simple questions will be answered immediately, we see this as standard service. In case of repair, you can send the product to us. Our service engineer will submit a RMA number and helps you further. We use this system for all our repairs. This system makes it possible to monitor the complete RMA procedure, so we can inform you at all times about the status of the procedure.

The service department can be reached by telephone during business hours from 8:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. Datawatt is closed on holidays.