Stream, the central system and web portal from Datawatt. Perfectly suitable for managing and controlling different locations and geographically spread processes. The system is easy to use and offers 24/7 online process information. Stream ensures a worry free management and maintenance system and is supported by all modern browsers. Available for smartphone, tablet or IPad.

Stream can be delivered as stand alone or as a cloud service. With this service, you are completely free of care for the management of the software, the server and the communication of the central system. The system is delivered flexible per period and per data. You will receive all agreed data and measurements from the process as agreed.

The information can be displayed as;

• Webscada
• Google Maps
• Charts
• Reports
• Excel downloads
• etcetra

Stream ensures that all data and measurements from the process is presented real time. This information is available on PC, smartphone, tablet or IPad. The only thing you need is internet. You do not need specific software, add-ons or plug-ins


Stream is secured with an extra token for authentication in addition to the use of a username and a password.

Best practices

All network managers aim for an efficient process with high efficiency, low interference and an optimal planning. Datawatt Stream has proven itself in a variety of network processes. For example, in the Distribution Automation Project for Enexis to deliver detailed energy monitoring, detection of unbalance and overload and control of the public lighting network. Furthermore we have delivered succefull projects in processes for the water and industry market.