A waterproof RTU for tailor-made solutions

Written by Henk Berkhof on 27 August 2018

Due to increasingly frequent weather conditions with many wet or dry periods, organizations are forced to take additional measurements. It happens more and more that our RTUs and data loggers have to defeat extreme weather conditions. Our data loggers and RTUs have to work reliable, even in wet conditions they have to perform their tasks reliable. In extreme situations like floodings, it is important that managers have reliable real time... Read more

New developments at Datawatt

Written by Roy Gerding on 01 December 2016

We are continuously working on our product portfolio. At his moment we work on new developments.  A successor of the famous D05 RTU is in progress and we have released an Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Product portfolio In the past years, we have developed many different models substations and RTUs. This inevitably leads to changes in our product portfolio. At this moment our engineers work on the successor of the D05 RTU and substation.... Read more