Written by Henk Berkhof on 27 August 2018

Due to increasingly frequent weather conditions with many wet or dry periods, organizations are forced to take additional measurements. It happens more and more that our RTUs and data loggers have to defeat extreme weather conditions. Our data loggers and RTUs have to work reliable, even in wet conditions they have to perform their tasks reliable.

In extreme situations like floodings, it is important that managers have reliable real time data. With the right information they can make the right decisions to guarantee a safe environment.

It is our goal to offer you the best possible solution. After a period of research and market orientation we now have a waterproof and airtight housing for the D26-RTU. This solution is suitable for monitoring networks in drinking water, surface water and waste water distribution networks.

Monitoring critical processes

The unit collects and sends data from the sensors, that take care of the measurements in the water network. The housing is waterproof and airtight, so the D26 RTU can perform its tasks undisturbed under extreme weather conditions.

De D26 in a waterproof housing

The housing meets all IP68 requirements and ensures a waterproof and airtight operation but also extra robustness, which is important for monitoring critical processes.

The best solution

Our tailor-made solutions offer reliable data. We ensure that our systems integrate all data seamlessly with the existing equipment. This way we can offer you the best solution. We provide access to all data from your network into your central system.

Datawatt offers a wide range of water management solutions to make your data available quickly, everywhere and anywhere. Our solutions exist of own developed hardware and software supplemented with our years of experience and standard modules from third parties. This way we ensure you have the best solution possible.

We are happy to use our creativity, technical skills and knowledge of your operational processes to improve your water management tasks. Now also with a waterproof and airtight solution.

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