Written by Henk Berkhof on 24 June 2019

With Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, data collection has become cheaper. As a result, new applications are introduced.

Groundwater monitoring

One of these new applications is groundwater monitoring. At the Emmtec Industry & Business Park in Emmen, groundwater is used for making process water, OY water or demineralised water. This is used for the production of steam and electricity for their two combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

Because the water sources are close to a water collection area, it is agreed with the local Government that Emmtec regularly measures and monitors the groundwater level.

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

For this measure and monitoring system, our engineers have developed a complete customized solution using IoT solutions. The required data is gathered safely and reliably and delivered to the right place at the right time.

The solution exists of water level meters, IoT data loggers, an IoT connector and the webscada system Stream. The data is sent to all stakeholders in readable and usable formats.


The  Industry & business park Emmtec

NB-IoT series

For this project our battery powered NB-IoT RTU is applied. The big advantage of this serie is that with low energy consumption, data is sent quickly and securely. The battery-powered NB-IoT units are suitable for locations without mains. The data is send to the stakeholders for up to 10 years without a battery change for the IoT-serie.

With our experience in M2M communication, we can guarantee that the data will arrive at the right place and time. From experience we know that only collecting a large amount of data, does not make a smart solution. Smart solutions are made by using the data to optimize the process. This is exactly what our solutions are good at.


Using data in a smart way is only possible when all data can be accessed and used properly. In other words, the connectivity of the sensors must be organized, so different systems can actually use the data.

To make all data available at central level, our developers have made the IoT connector. With this connector, all data from the NB-IoT sensor is available and accessible. The data is sent in various formats such as CSV, IEC104, SQL or MQTT to the parent scada system for further processing or presentation.

Wireless solutions

For the Emmtec solution we have chosen to send the data from the NB-IoT sensor via Stream webscada in CSV (Comma Separated Value) files to the central Aspentech scada system of Emmtec services.

The groundwater level is measured one time per hour and the logged data is sent two times a day, together with the status of the battery voltage.

Presentation of data from the central system

No battery change for 10 years

Depending on the frequency of the measurements and the amount of data, the battery pack can function without battery change for up to 10 years. If the battery voltage falls below a predetermined value, the logger automatically sends an alarm. The technician on duty then replaces the battery pack.The logged data is sent with the NB-IoT Network of T-Mobile.

Low communication costs

The communication costs for this technique are relatively cheap, which makes it interesting to use this communication technique for measuring systems. Were a lot of data is available. The NB-IoT network has proven to be powerful and it has sufficient signal quality to send messages even below ground level. In this project, the equipment is mounted around fifteen centimeters below ground level.

The NB-IoT equipment is built into the existing cast-iron street pots, in which the level measuring tube is mounted. The groundwater monitoring wells are approximately ten meters deep. By using the existing cast-iron street pots, direct cost savings are realised.

The measure equipment is installed in the existing street pots.

Do you want to optimize your process with IoT solutions? Ask our sales department for more information. We are happy to work on new projects in co-creation with you.

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