Written by Roy Gerding on 23 October 2017

Datawatt exhibits on the Wetex 2017

scada & telemetry solutions

Our stand on the WETEX

Together with the Krohne Waterflux and the Datawatt RTUs and scada solutions we provide complete water scada & telemetry solutions for online water monitoring projects.

Our complete water scada & telemetry solutions

Our complete water scada & telemetry solutions

Clean water is critical for survival. Many people are unaware that there is a complex system behind the supply of drinking water. Continuous availability is of vital importance. Our systems monitor and control the complete process. 

 For different drinking water supply companies, national and international, we supplied monitoring and controlling systems. With reliable solutions we help optimize the water distribution process.

We use advanced equipment and modern scada technology. Web enabled RTUs are applied to provide information to central systems or to authorised staff. Water wells at remote locations that feed into pipelines are supervised and controlled with our solutions.

Relevant data such as flow, temperature, pump cycles and statuses are collected throughout the network and send to all relevant systems.

Many locations manned or unmanned, are automatically monitored to gather operational information. Disturbances and interruptions are reported in real time. Detailed reports are produced, and alarms are sent automatically in the event of failure. No valuable time is lost for searching the failure location.

Our solutions result in cost savings for maintenance and control because of process optimizing.

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